Clean-up of the Legahory paths is welcomed

Brownlow Recreation Centre before clean up INLM50 008
Brownlow Recreation Centre before clean up INLM50 008

A major clean-up of the pedestrian and cycle pathways close to Brownlow Recreation Centre has been welcomed.

Sinn Fein councillor Tommy O’Connor said the area had become a hot-spot for litter and neglected in the past.

Brownlow Recreation Centre after clean up INLM50 009

Brownlow Recreation Centre after clean up INLM50 009

Speaking as vice-chair of Craigavon environmental services committee, Mr O’Connor said: “These paths, which cater for students and parents from several schools and customers of several hot-food takeaways, a shopping complex and a health centre as well as the Recreation Centre, Hub and Library, are the most used in the central area.”

Mr O’Conor said that for a “variety of reasons much of the considerable path network within central is only used occasionally whereas the Legahory network is in constant use and as a result is subject to much more littering than other pathways”.

The Sinn Fein councillor added that the design structure, incorporating high-banks, under-passes and cul-de-sacs, tended to funnel the rubbish into particular areas in a wind.

Mr O’Connor said: “These paths have been neglected during street cleaning 
operations in the past and the team designated to the job on this occasion were surprised at the volume of litter present.

“To give them their due the council’s environmental services reacted speedily when this problem was brought to their attention and the work team removed litter from the entire Legahory network.”

The councillor pointed out that littering anywhere is an offence and leaves the culprit liable to a fine of up to £80.

He warned: “There is no excuse for littering and now that these paths have been cleaned up the council’s environmental services are putting measures in place to keep them clean and free from litter.

“This will include enforcement of the council’s anti-litter bye-laws which carry substantial financial penalties for throwing your rubbish on the ground.”