Collision remedial scheme welcomed

THE start of a collision remedial scheme at the Millennium Way/Union Street junction has been welcomed.

Welcoming the initiative, Upper Bann DUP MLA Stephen Moutray who had campaigned for greater safety measures at the junction said:

“There have been numerous collisions at this junction stretching over many years. A large number of constituents have approached me regarding their concerns at the situation.

“Following those approaches by constituents I have made a number of calls for action to be taken to address the collision history of this junction.

“The scheme that has now been undertaken following those calls is similar to work recently carried out on the Union St/Sloan St junction which removes conflicting right turning traffic movements from the signal phasing.

“The new scheme at the Union St/Sloan St junction, although it is relatively new, has so far proved successful in reducing the number of collisions at that junction.

“Currently it is hoped that the revisions to the signals at the Millennium Way/Union St junction will be operational before the end of May. I hope that this proves to be the case and hope too that this new move will also bring about a similar improvement.”