Commendation from councillor

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SINN Féin Cllr Tommy O’Connor has congratulated Larkfield Meadows residents on setting an example for others by displaying true community spirit.

The councillor explained that the Larkfield site developer had declared bankruptcy, before completing work, leaving residents with unfinished roads, pathways, drains, sewers and fencing.

In the middle of the development was an unsightly area of land which had been used for dumping building rubble.

Local householders formed a Residents Group to deal with these issues and with the help of Sinn Féin Councillors, the Council’s Community Officer and Road Services they had the outstanding problems rectified.

Although they managed to have the piece of ground cleaned-up and made safe it remained in private ownership and the newly sown grass remained uncut.

Cllr O’Connor said: “Grass and weeds on the green area were growing to near a foot high.

“Local residents decided that enough was enough and they were not going to allow this area to become a wilderness. They took matters into their own hands and with a mixture of small, personal, push lawnmowers cut the grass themselves.”

The Councillor praised the grass-cutters for their efforts saying,

“These people fought long and hard to have their area brought up to standard and by this latest initiative they have set an example to others. They have shown leadership by example and displayed true community spirit.”