Concern at new Ardboe Drive housing plan


Objections have been raised about a proposed development of 28 houses at the old Franklyn Mill site close to Lurgan’s Union Street.

A planning application has been submitted for the demolition of the old factory and the building of 26 semi-detached and two detached houses at Ardboe Drive with access off Union St.

It is understood that a petition is proposed to oppose the application.

Ulster Unionist Sam Gardiner has written a letter of objection on behalf of one of his constituents.

He said: “My constituent is in fear of a reduction in light, lack of privacy and too much of a build-up in this area.”

Another resident in Ardboe Drive said: “Having enjoyed privacy and security at the rear of my premises for 56 years, I am greatly concerned as to how this development might affect me. Can you please let me know if there will be proper security fencing erected to prevent access from this development to the properties on Ardboe Drive? And will the development be adequately screened so that the properties on Ardboe Drive are not overlooked?

The resident also asked what conditions will be imposed on the demolition of the factory to prevent health hazards, for example, the release of asbestos dust.

Another Ardboe Drive resident said they were objecting as the land had previously been used for industrial purposes and did not lend itself to housing ‘under current planning policies’.

The resident added they believed the proposal for 28 houses is too dense and will impact on privacy for people living on Ardboe Drive, and the Union Street area. They also voiced concern about access off Ardboe Drive or onto Union Street at the traffic lights.

It was argued; “Ardboe Drive is already a heavily populated area as is Union Street with traffic flow problems on a regular basis. If 28 more houses were built it would increase the traffic by approximately 56 cars entering and exiting the site in question this will cause problems with the existing properties and could become a health and safety issue for young children.

“I would have concerns with regards to the current amenities particularly sewerage owing to the problems there has been in the Russell Drive area in recent years.”

There were three letters in support of the applicaton.