Confusion as Derrymacash becomes Aghagallon

Aghagallon sign appears in Derrymacash
Aghagallon sign appears in Derrymacash

Locals in a County Armagh village have been irked to find it has been renamed by the local council.

Residents of Derrymacash, a proud Armagh village, discovered a sign erected by Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon Council branding the area Aghagallon.

Although eight miles away and a good 20 minute drive even via the motorway, Aghagallon is in the same council area - though technically in County Antrim.

Bemused locals have been posting photos of the blue sign emblazoned Aghagallon with the council’s new logo and that of the Lough Neagh Partnership.

Some locals believe the council is confused as part of the Derrymacash area is known as Aghacommon.

A post on Save Craigavon City Park and Lakes said: “For anyone travelling to Aghagallon today, it has now moved to Derrymacash. Lovely new ABC Council signs put up today. Maybe if we move the signs for City Park, SRC (Southern Regional College) will build somewhere else?”

A spokesperson for the Council said this afternoon: “The external contractors employed to erect signage in rural areas are as now removing incorrect signage.”