Council flexes muscles on litter

CRAIGAVON Borough Council is flexing its muscle as the highest number of fixed penalties are issued in the district outside Belfast.

With new powers, more people than ever are being fined for littering, graffiti and noise offences.

And fines for littering are set to soar to £80 with no leeway for early payment.

Alderman Stephen Moutray said the three wardens employed by the council were doing a great job.

However, Alderman Moutray said he wanted more done in relation to fly posting.

“We now have teeth to deal with the issue. They are a blight on our borough, both in Lurgan and Portadown,” said the DUP councillor.

He said it was very important to deal with the problem particularly with this very important summer as there would be an influx of tourists.

The new Clean Neighbourhood Act is now in force from April and gives councils extra powers to deal with other issues, such as dogs, nuisance alleyways, abandoned and nuisance vehicles as well as abandoned shopping trolleys.

The new powers also allow the Council to go on to private land and remove litter which they may regard as being detrimental to the area and charge the land owner.