Flytipping is ‘height of laziness’ says SDLP

Sofa dumped in Derrytrasna
Sofa dumped in Derrytrasna

The growing problem of flytipping has been condemned by local SDLP councillor Declan McAlinden after the latest dumping spree.

Cllr McAlinden was furious when residents of the Derrymacash area were faced with a suite of furniture dumped at the side of the road.

The suite, which appeared to be in fairly good condition, was dumped on the Balliff’s Lane area. And last Saturday a large sofa was dumped on the Wooden Bridge Rd of Derrymacash.

“This follows on from recent incidents when a number of tyres were dumped randomly at the side of road.

“The persons that perpetrate these acts show total disrespect for the area they live in and what’s more total disregard for the residents that live nearby.

“It’s the height of laziness and actually would have cost very little for council staff to come out and lift the items from their home,” said the SDLP Cllr .

“I’m lead to believe that this suite was seen on a trailer /van leaving the council amenity site last Tuesday evening after closing time but CCTV was unable to pick up registration of vehicle. In another incident a bed mattress was dumped beside St Ronan’s School on the Cornakinnegar last week.

“I am calling on residents to watch out and report these incidents and indeed, if culprits are found, heavy fines are imposed.”

Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council said combatting fly tipping is a ‘top priority’ adding that staff are working hard to identify offenders and minimise the problem in hot spot areas such as these.

However, there are a few irresponsible residents who are still dumping unwanted items including tyres, appliances, household waste and large items such as the suite of furniture in Derrytrasna and the mattress in Lurgan.

If residents have a large item which needs picked up they can request a bulky waste collection from Council. Council can lift up to three items per household twice per year for £6 per collection.