Food hygiene figures revealed

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A total of 97 per cent of food businesses in the Craigavon area have a food hygiene rating of three or above, new statistics have revealed.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme provides access to information about what goes on behind the scenes in all food businesses to check food is prepared hygienically and safely. It allows you to check the rating of a business and to decide where you would like to eat out.

The scheme, which is operated by Craigavon Borough Council, rates food businesses on a scale of zero to five, with zero meaning ‘urgent improvement necessary’ and the top rating of five representing a ‘very good’ standard of food hygiene.

Those businesses with a rating of zero, one or two have hygiene standards below that expected by food law. Craigavon Borough Council Environmental Health team have been working with lower rated businesses to secure improvements in standards and where required have taken enforcement action.

Consumers in Craigavon can look out for the green and black food hygiene rating stickers which should be displayed on windows and doors to find out the rating of any food business in the area. If there is no sign of a sticker then ask inside or check online at to find out the rating.

Kathleen Donaghy, senior environmental health officer at Craigavon Borough Council, commented: “The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is a fantastic tool for diners in Craigavon to find out the hygiene standards of food businesses locally. Most people know that the kitchens and food preparation areas in the places they buy food from are clean and hygienic. The stickers make it easy for everyone to check a rating. Our aim is to drive up standards so that all food businesses in the area have a rating of three or above.”

Go online and check out the food hygiene rating of your favourite local eateries at

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in Northern Ireland is a district council/FSA partnership initiative designed to provide consumers with information about hygiene standards in food premises at the time they are inspected to check compliance with legal requirements – the rating given reflects the inspection findings.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme replaces the Scores on the Doors scheme and publishes a rating for all food businesses based on their food safety inspection.

Businesses are given a rating between zero and five rather than the stars system which is now redundant.