Litter louts trash top beauty spot with tyres

SDLP Councillor Declan McAlinden pictured with the tyres which were dumped on Annaloiste Road, near Oxford Island. INLM11-214.
SDLP Councillor Declan McAlinden pictured with the tyres which were dumped on Annaloiste Road, near Oxford Island. INLM11-214.

One of our top tourist attractions has been trashed by reckless litter louts who dumped dozens of tyres at Oxford Island.

Around 60 tyres were discovered at the beauty spot this week - in the middle of the road leading to Oxford Island Nature Reserve.

And another load of tyres, around 80, were dumped in Craigavon close to the pensioners’ bungalows at 

The trashed tyre dumping was strongly condemned by SDLP councillor Declan McAlinden.

“I would like to 
condemn this latest spate of illegal dumping beside one of Craigavon Borough Council’s most visited sites - Oxford 
Island,” he told the Mail.

“Approximately 60 tyres were dumped at the side of the road and were even left in middle of road.

“This is ridiculous and the perpetrators need caught and heavily fined,” said the SDLP councillor.

“I don’t think you would have to travel far to find those involved,” said the councillor.

And he added: “More needs to be done to this regulate this industry and protect our biggest asset!

“These type of incidents are costing us - the rate payers - thousands of pounds a year,” he said.

“I would be fairly certain the people who do this would be the first to complain about rates and would go as far as to say probably don’t even pay any,” he said.

A spokesperson for Craigavon Borough Council said: “The illegal dumping of tyres within the borough of Craigavon is costing 
ratepayers money and it is imperative that anyone with any information about those involved in this activity, reports it to the Council.

“An investigation into who has dumped the tyres at Rossmoyle and close to 
Oxford Island is underway by the Council’s Environmental Wardens – but the assistance of the public is needed to help identify the culprits.

“The tyres dumped in the Rossmoyle area have already been lifted by the Council and the second site near 
Oxford Island will be dealt with this week.

“Resources from elsewhere had to be utilised to clean up the tyres, 
however, Council has worked hard to ensure that normal 
standards throughout the Borough have been maintained,” said the spokesperson.

“Council would also urge the public to ensure they are buying their tyres from reputable dealers who they know will dispose of their tyres 
correctly rather than continuing to make a blight on our 
Borough and ultimately 
costing the ratepayer 
unnecessary money,” a council spokesperson concluded.

To report any information on this please contact Craigavon 
Borough Council offices on 028 3831 2400.