Moves to resolve traffic mayhem welcomed by Lurgan Model PS

Traffic issues on Brownlow Terrace
Traffic issues on Brownlow Terrace

Traffic mayhem outside a busy Lurgan school may be alleviated if lorries adhere to a special delivery system, it has been revealed.

Complaints have been made about Brownlow Terrace being blocked by trucks going in and out of Musgrave MarketPlace outside Lurgan Model Primary School.

The firm, which is one of the largest wholesale groups in Ireland, has been based on that plot between the railway station and Brownlow Terrace for decades.

However, there have been increasing complaints that lorries and commuter parking has led to the regular blocking of Brownlow Terrace.

One mother said she was concerned for the safety of her children and others due to the build up of traffic.

“From 8am to 10am it is traffic chaos. Cars are parked on both sides and lorries can’t get up or down. I am concerned about the safety of the children.

“It’s just horrendous,” she said.

Concerns had also been raised about illegal parking on one side of Brownlow Terrace.

However, due to pressure from local politicians, a single yellow line has been painted with new restrictions.

Rules prohibit vehicles waiting between 8am and 10am on Monday to Friday inclusive on a length of Brownlow Terrace.

Local residents and parents of children attending Lurgan Model PS said that it was also commuters, regularly parking illegally, who are causing serious disruption.

One mum described mornings in particular as ‘absolute mayhem’.

However, principal of Lurgan Model PS Mr Neill Campbell said they had been working with Musgrave MarketPlace and progress is being made to try and resolve the issue.

Mr Campbell, who with his staff go out regularly to direct traffic, said his priority is the safety of the children attending the school.

He also welcomed wardens from the firm directing traffic at key points of the day.

Colin O’Hare, General Manager, Musgrave Marketplace, Lurgan said: “We ask all of our suppliers to adhere to pre-agreed delivery slots, avoiding peak periods to reduce congestion pressure during school run times.

“We are continuing to liaise with our suppliers, asking that they strictly adhere to these designated delivery slots to spread deliveries throughout the course of the day.

“In addition, we will now ask that if delivery lorries arrive more than one hour before their allocated delivery time that they park elsewhere in the interim period.”

Mr Campbell welcomed the statement and said it was step in the right direction.