PSNI to target illegal parking at Silverwood

Silverwood filling station.
Silverwood filling station.

The PSNI is to issue fines to lorry drivers parking illegally at Silverwood Service Station in Lurgan after a spate of accidents.

Trucks regularly parked on the footpath between the two entrances which caused an obstruction.

Welcoming the news SDLP Cllr Declan McAlinden said: “There have been a number of accidents and near misses at this station because of the haulage drivers parking on the footpath. Hopefully this will put and end to this problem and I’d like to thank PSNI for their swift response in dealing with this

“We have been monitoring the situation. The problem is really caused by lorries that park on the footpath between the two entrances.

“The Management at the premises tell me that they have repeatedly asked drivers not to do this but they have been ignored. The Management have had complaints from other customers.

“They are keen to have no further accidents as these have the effect of closing the road for long periods affecting their business.

“PSNI Posters were put up in the shop warning drivers that parking on the footpath is an Obstruction Offence for which a £30 Non Endorsable Fixed Penalty Ticket can be issued.”