Quads tearing up the ground at Oxford Island

Damage caused by quad bikes.
Damage caused by quad bikes.
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CRAIGAVON Borough Council has warned that someone could get seriously injured after a spate of damage caused by quad bikes at Oxford Island.

The most recent incident was the third in the last two weeks with the amount of damage escalating each time.

“The fence and gate in the play park have been badly damaged and for health and safety reasons was closed off until they were repaired,” said Paddy Prunty, Manager at Oxford Island.

“A lot of the grass areas have been cut up by the quad bikes with the tyre marks clearly visible. The fresh bark that had lain that day in the play area had also been cut up and spread throughout the grounds. The wild flower areas throughout the facility have been badly damaged with tyre tracks showing where the quad bikes have been driven through them,” he added.

Craigavon Borough Council staff regularly patrol the site during the day, however, these incidents are believed to be occurring after the site has closed for the day. The PSNI are investigating the incidents and have stepped up their patrols in the area.

“It is disgraceful the damage that has been caused, particularly to the wild flower areas. This has to stop; aside from the extensive damage caused these individuals are risking their own safety. Quad bikes are extremely dangerous and all it takes is for something unexpected to be in their path and someone could get seriously hurt”, said Chair of Leisure Services Committee, Councillor Ronnie Harkness.