Reminder on brown bins

CRAIGAVON Borough Council is reminding people to continue to use their brown bin in the winter – as it will still be collected every other week.

In Craigavon the brown bin is used to recycle all types of food waste including fish, meat and bones as well as garden waste of grass cuttings and hedge clippings, weeds and leaves.

It contributes to Craigavon’s overall high recycling rate of 41% and reduces the amount of rubbish that is sent to landfill.

“Although we’re approaching winter the brown bin will still be lifted every other week,” commented Councillor Johnny McGibbon, Chairman of the Environmental Services Committee, “if people have food leftovers they can recycle them through the brown bin. No food waste should be placed in the blue bin if you have a brown bin.”

Householders are also reminded to lift falling leaves and put them in the brown bin as they can be a slip hazard when wet.