Roads Service to spend £6m on phase two of Millennium Way


Roads Service has announced a £6m spend on the second phase of Millennium Way.

However, the Department of Regional Development said the actual construction of the new road would be dependant on future available funding.

Transport Minister Danny Kennedy confirmed the purchase of the land required to complete the extension to the Millennium Way Proposal. The entire project from vesting land to building the road is expected to cost £6m.

The announcement comes as the DRD plans to making Vesting Orders to buy the land.

Minister Kennedy annnounced the proposed scheme which involves the construction of 430metres of new road between Malcolm Road to Gilford Road in Lurgan. The junction between Millennium Way and Malcolm Road junction will become a signalised crossroads and the existing small roundabout will be upgraded where the scheme connects to Gilford Road. “The new road, which also provides for cyclists and pedestrians, will result in a reduction in congestion within the area and reduce traffic flows through the local residential areas.”