SDLP demand action on ‘treacherous’ roads

Thomas Larkham, SDLP community activist with MLA Dolores Kelly
Thomas Larkham, SDLP community activist with MLA Dolores Kelly

Concern for children’s safety on ‘treacherous’ roads in Craigavon has led to the SDLP demanding government action.

MLA Dolores Kelly has had ‘numerous complaints’ from residents leading her to write to the Department of Infrastructure about the risks to pedestrians crossing Moyraverty and Drumgor Roads.

“Lismore Comprehensive students have to walk on these treacherous roads on a daily basis with no footpaths or pedestrian crossings to avail of. Residents are rightfully worried that if nothing is done, someone will be seriously injured or killed.

“As both of these roads runs through the heart of Brownlow, serve schools and built up housing estates, these roads are clearly used heavily on a daily basis particularly at peak times and the issue of speeding must be addressed.

“I welcome the outcome of the initial assessment which recommends the installation of pedestrian refuge islands on both roads. This will now be considered in detail to determine suitable locations and costs to allow work here included on a future Local Transportation and Safety Measures programme.”

SDLP representative Thomas Larkham said: “It is time for DFI to deliver for the community of central Craigavon, the safety of our school children must be a key priority. I will continue to lobby on this to ensure the safety of our children walking the Moyraverty and Drumgor Roads. This will have a greater impetus with the new build at Lismore.’