Stream of blood and gore causes horrendous stench

Some of the blood spilled on the Annesborough Road, Lurgan
Some of the blood spilled on the Annesborough Road, Lurgan

A probe has been launched after a stream of blood drenched a Lurgan road yesterday causing an horrendous stench.

It is understood the blood was leaking from a tanker leaving ABP Meats at the Annesborough Road.

The blood stained the road and locals complained of a dreadful smell yesterday afternoon.

One woman warned that there could have been an accident.

She said the blood had been streaming along the Annesborough Road when it spewed up into her car.

“They were lucky not to have caused an accident as well. Cars were sliding all over the road,” she said.

Another woman who was visiting a friend at The Grange said: “You should see the blood and gore all over the Annesborough Road in Lurgan.

“And in this heat the stink is just going to get worse.”

She added that she returned to the road at 10pm on Tuesday night to see a tractor pulling a tanker spraying the road with water and detergent.

Another man described ‘a large blood spillage’. “It’s absolutely stinking.

“I’d say the unfortunate residents of the area wouldn’t be too pleased with it though.

“They were having to cover nose and mouth when walking down the road,” he added.

A spokesperson for ABP Meats said: “There was a spillage involving a third party contractor departing the ABP site in Lurgan last evening.

“The incident was detected immediately and a clean up operation was activated.

“All of relevant authorities were informed of the situation and kept up to date with developments.”

On Wednesday a spokesperson for Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon Council said: “Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council’s Environmental Health Department received a number of complaints this morning 6 July regarding a blood spillage incident which occurred late yesterday evening (5 July) and affected roadways along Annesborough Road and Lough Road, Lurgan, leading towards the roundabout for the motorway.

“We informed the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), who lead investigations in these circumstances, and work has already begun on establishing the cause of the incident.

“It should be noted that responsibility for cleaning the road surface to restore its conditions lies with the person or company who allowed the spillage to happen in the first place,” said the spokesperson adding that a contractor had been out to clean the road and ‘they will be liaising directly with the NIEA, who is the enforcing authority on this matter’