Time is right for traffic calming on Old Portadown Road says SDLP’s Toman

SDLP representative Ciaran Toman on the Old Portadown Rd Lurgan
SDLP representative Ciaran Toman on the Old Portadown Rd Lurgan

Traffic calming on Lurgan’s Old Portadown Road must be dealt with, says SDLP representative Ciaran Toman.

He said it follows years of campaigning from local residents in Taghnevan and called on Transport NI to take action.

He said Transport NI had confirmed the location will be assessed in around four to six weeks.

“Previously, the Department of Infrastructure said the road ‘did not rank highly enough’ for traffic calming measures and in instances of excess speed it should be reported to the PSNI who are the agency responsible for enforcement.”

“Yes, speed is one of the reasons to introduce traffic calming measures however, there is now an added danger!”

“All housing developments in the area are nearing completion which brings more motorists into the area. On many of occasions I have witnessed motorists that use the turning lanes to enter the Stables complex and the Riverglade Manor estate prematurely driving into the turning lanes which increases the risk of a head on collision coming over the braw of the hill.”

SDLP Lurgan Representative Ciaran Toman added, “I have contacted Transport NI to present my views that traffic islands should be installed up to and including the Gilpins Manor estate and also to redo the faded lane markings. People tend to drive faster on wide and straight streets. The installation of traffic islands placed in the centre of the road will reduce speeding and will ensure vehicles are within the lane markings.”

“I want to thank the efforts from all the residents in the past who have campaigned for traffic calming on the Old Portadown Road. The timing is now right for Transport NI to intervene before we have a serious accident at this location.”