Traffic chaos in Edward St

The roadworks on Edward Street. INLM08-113gc
The roadworks on Edward Street. INLM08-113gc

Lurgan suffered traffic chaos for a second weekend in a row as one of the busiest junctions into the town closed.

Sinn Fein Cllr Catherine Seeley questioned the wisdom of Roads Service’s decision to close Edward Street junction on a Saturday.

“There was traffic chaos across many parts of Lurgan over the weekend but particularly on Saturday as a result of the closure of what is one of the busiest junctions in the town, on the busiest traffic day of the week, a Saturday,” said Miss Seeley.

She also pointed out that the Roads Service should have considered the ongoing works in North St.

“Both the North St and Edward St schemes under way at the same time could and should have been avoided. While the road improvements will be welcomed by motorists and pedestrians alike the question remains as to why the work was carried out in the manner it was.

“I have received many complaints from shoppers, businesses and taxi drivers all affected by the road closures. I would call on Roads Service to review this decision to establish if there was a better way of completing these road improvements.”

Many of our readers were so annoyed at the roadworks that they contacted the Lurgan Mail via Facebook.

Elaine McKeown asked: “Does anyone know why the roadworks at the top of Francis St and Portadown Road are being done on Saturday and Sunday during the day? You can’t get into town by either road.”

CB Breen said: “I was in Lurgan at the hospital this morning. When I came out I went into the town via Edward Street much to my horror I found a new traffic island stuck in the middle of the road? Who thought up this ingenious idea? I haven’t seen any signs warning of new road layout ahead, much less warning about a traffic island? This is going to cause a accident.”

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