Unwelcoming welcome sign

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CONCERN has been raised about the state of the welcome sign on the way into Waringstown.

A villager contacted the ‘MAIL’ to point out the dilapidated state of the sign on the Waringstown Road.

She said it was especially ironic that the sign hadn’t been replaced given that a tourist trail of the village was being heavily promoted by Craigavon Council.

The Waringstown resident said: “They used to call Waringstown the jewel in the crown of Craigavon.

“The sign on the way into the village doesn’t send out a great message. Especially when the council is trying to promote heritage trails around the villages.

“The upkeep of the sign and the base leave a lot to be desired as does the grass cutting around it.

“I’d like to know where our rates are going?”

Since the disbandment of the Waringstown in Bloom committee, residents have been working off their own bat to maintain the village with the blessing of council.

A council spokesperson said: ““The Heritage Trail publication is very high profile and attractive and we are delighted that it has received such positive acclaim and that it has been so well received.

“The old Welcome to Waringstown sign upkeep had been attended to by the then Waringstown in Bloom Committee which unfortunately no longer meets.

“Now that Council is cutting the grass we will undertake to look at the sign and tidy it up.”