Welcome as winter gritting to remain at last year’s level

Stephen Moutray DUP
Stephen Moutray DUP

Vows that there are to be no cuts to winter gritting this year have been welcomed.

DUP MLA Stephen Moutray has welcomed the confirmation that winter gritting will remain at its current level and will not be subjected to cuts this winter.

This comes following a meeting of the Department of Regional Development Committee at Parliament Buildings where Mr Moutray challenged the Permanent Secretary on this matter.

Mr Moutray said: “This is a very important issue for our road users and pedestrians. Year on year we have, within the Department, been experiencing a cut in front line services. To this end I believe one of the most important services is that of winter gritting given the safety implications and the fear of deaths on our road as a result of a ‘cut in budget’.

“At the recent committee meeting I challenged robustly the need for the same level of funding and, indeed, more if it became available to deal with the winter spell and the frost/snow on our roads and streets network.

“I was delighted to hear that the Permanent Secretary is taking a pragmatic approach to this matter and will ensure that the same level of funding is afforded to this service that Road Service provide. I will be holding the Department to this commitment.”

“Our road users are of great importance to us and their safety in wintery conditions is vital.

“The Department must continue to provide this service and to that end as an elected representative I will be continuing to work,” 
said the Upper Bann