Wildlife concern at Rushmere

Roundabout Four at Rushmere
Roundabout Four at Rushmere

Concerns that nesting birds and wildlife may have been affected by shrub and tree clearance at a Craigavon roundabout has been voiced by local residents.

Clearance of some shrubbery and trees at Roundabout Four near Rushmere Shopping Centre has been described as ‘a disgrace’ by a number of locals.

Several residents separately contacted the media to report concerns at the manner in which trees and shrubbery have been cut.

One woman said: “The purpose of cutting down large sections of the trees is unclear but it’s been carried out at a very bad time of the year in relation to local wildlife.

“Apart from nesting birds we know there are foxes and hedgehogs on and around the affected area.

“I’d have thought an impact assessment would be required before such major removal of established trees is undertaken.”

She went on to say the “roundabout has gone from being lush with foliage” to being left with great areas left bare “save for unsightly tree stumps”.

A number of residents have been trying to establish who is responsible and have contacted Rushmere Shopping Centre regarding the matter, however, they have not responded.

Others have posted concerns on social media while some said safety of motorists should be paramount.

“I can see the logic of taking the trees away as it gives drivers a clear view of approaching cars,” one said.

At the time of going to press Rushmere Shopping Centre’s public relations company LK Communications had not sent an official response to queries on the matter.

The centre has in recent years sponsored the upkeep of the area.