Your views on the Gilford Road works

ROAD Service were recently busy along the Gilford Road, with some significant upgrades taking place

One of their main projects was the improvement of the junction of Plantation road with the Calvertstown and Crowhill Roads.

The work took quite some time with the road closed for a period.

On our Facebook and Twitter pages we asked what you thought of the works.

Here’s what you had to say:

David Harvey said: “Money needing to be spent to secure next year’s budget perhaps?”

Gary Forsythe was unimpressed: “C**p took them long enough.”

Tommy Vennard also felt the work went on a bit: “Took too long. They only seem to do road work close to budget time. Why do they close different sections of the same roads.

“Same problem when they did the Kilvergan Road and the pass over the lakes and up past the old Goodyear factory. Diversion after diversion on the same sections of road.”

Martin Dickson said: “If they don’t get their money spent before April they’ll not get it next year. ;) Seems like the money could have been put to better, especially at Calvertstown, just makes the road an even longer speed way!”

Tommy Vennard also added: “They patched the Dunkirk but just drop some tarmac on it. Not patched in or level it is like driving over low kerbs.”

Joanne Tipping Murnaghan commented: “Well I’m sick of road works. They dig the road up then fix it for somebody else to come and dig it up again. I drive for a living and the roads in this country are disgraceful.”

Pauline Sleator commented: “Traffic lights at Bleary cross roads would have been a better idea. It’s an accident waiting to happen especially at peak times.”

Another Facebooker private messaged us in praise of the work: “I use the road every day and I have say the improvements at the Calvertstown Road junction are very welcome.

“It used to be you took your life in your hands coming out of that junction with the dip in the road making it difficult to see oncoming traffic.

“They seem to have flattened out that dip and it makes life so much easier and I believe the road is now so much safer.”

Meanwhile on Twitter Alex Johnston was also grateful for the work: “I don’t have to pray to all the gods in the sky every time I’m coming up to it now, RS [Road Service] get a lot of grief but praise for that.”