Equipment breaks down at local gym

Days after arriving at Waves Leisure Centre, four brand new pieces of gym equipment have broken down, the ‘MAIL’ can reveal.

On Monday, visitors to the gym were informed that three of the six new treadmills were out of order, as was one of the new bicycles.

“It’s quite incredible,” said a Waves user.

“As a regular user of Waves as well as other gyms in the area I have never seen anything like it.

“50% of the treadmills were out of use and only two of the bikes were available.

“This is all brand new equipment.

“It would appear they have been ‘sold a pup’,” said the man.

Council say they remain committed to ensuring all the local leisure centre have the highest standard of equipment in spite of plans to replace all the existing complexes with a new state-of-the-art facility in Craigavon.

They said the faulty equipment was damaged during transportation to the centre.

A spokesperson for Craigavon Council commented: “To ensure gym users at Craigavon Borough Council’s Waves Leisure Centre receive the highest standard of service and equipment, the cardio equipment is regularly assessed and replaced when necessary.

“The centre recently replaced all the cardio equipment in the gym through a rental agreement with the manufacturer.

“The rental agreement is not only cost effective, but also includes a maintenance contract which makes sure that equipment should not be out of action for more than two days.

“On Monday, problems were experienced with three of the treadmills and one of the exercise bicycles and the manufacturer was contacted and an engineer is currently working to have them operational as soon as possible.

“On assessment of the equipment the manufacturer concluded that the problems had occurred during transportation to the centre.”

In terms of cardio equipment the gym at Waves includes six treadmills, four cross trainers, two up-right exercise bicycles, one recumbent exercise bicycle, two stepper machines and two rowing machines.

The rental agreement is with an industry leading manufacturer who supplies cardio equipment worldwide.