Expensive stones being taken from family graves

Stones removed from St Colman's grave.
Stones removed from St Colman's grave.

The ‘MAIL’ has learned of a grave robber operating in a local cemetery, not as macabre as it may sound, but still very distressing for families who have found loved ones’ graves desecrated.

People who maintain plots in St Colman’s have been warned to be on the look out for someone stealing expensive stones from graves.

The ‘MAIL’ was contacted by a lady whose father is buried at St Colman’s. Following some investigation, she has found that the thief or thieves appear to be exclusively after black, oval-shaped stones.

The lady, who did not wish to be named, said: “My mummy and I would visit my daddy’s grave every Wednesday. Over the last few weeks we’ve noticed bare patches where some of the stones are missing and there has also been dirty animal paw prints all over the surround of the grave.

“At first we thought it might have been the rain moving the stones, but it’s been the same for the past three weeks. My brother visits the grave every Saturday and he’s noticed it too. We’ve looked around and asked other people who have graves with the same black stones in them and they’ve noticed it too right down to the paw prints round the grave surround.

“Whoever is stealing these stones is taking a shovel or two from each grave and hoping no one will notice. They must have a dog with them as well who is leaving pawprints around the grave. It’s only happening at the graves with these type of stones in them. Regardless of the theft people shouldn’t be walking dogs in a cemetery.”

She added: “We’re in a difficult position. If we buy more we’re just feeding the thieves.

“I want other people to be aware so they can keep an eye out for the person doing this.”