Extraordinary story of couple’s kidney surgery

Seamus Kenny and his wife Pauline.
Seamus Kenny and his wife Pauline.

An extraordinary story of organ donation involving a husband and wife has helped to raise over £40,000 for Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund.

Plant manager of ABP Lurgan, Seamus Kenny and his wife Pauline both underwent successful kidney surgery at Belfast City Hospital.

The unique aspect of this kidney transplant story is that Pauline was not a compatible donor for Seamus.

However, the couple were accepted onto a paired exchange programme whereby Pauline donated her kidney to a compatible patient while Seamus received a kidney from another willing donor.

The paired system sees willing donors and recipients swap kidneys so their loved ones can benefit.

As a sign of their support for the Kenny family and appreciation of the care that Seamus and Pauline received from staff at Belfast City Hospital, colleagues at ABP Lurgan and ABP Newry organised the Charity Gala Ball at the Armagh City Hotel.

Seamus said: “I would just like to thank all my ABP colleagues for attending this evening and supporting a very worthy cause.

“Myself and Pauline received extraordinary care at a difficult time for the family and I have no doubt that the money raised this evening for the Northern Ireland Kidney Research Fund will benefit other individuals with kidney disease.”