Facebook charges? Craigavon PSNI know the facts


The latest ‘craze’ sweeping Facebook has been branded ‘a massive load of tripe’ by Craigavon PSNI.

And the clever plods at the local nick have penned their own ‘tongue-in-cheek’ version of the posts claiming that Facebook will soon start charging users.

Hundreds of locals have fallen victim to the fake Facebook ploy which asks users to share the message that they will soon have to pay.

Their Facebook messages state: “It’s official Signed at 10:33. It’s even passed on TV. Facebook will start charging this summer. If you copy this to your wall your icon will turn blue and your Facebook will be free for you.”

However PSNI Craigavon have lambasted these posts.

This afternoon they said: “It’s official, signed at 10:33 by Jimmy Nesbitt and Charlie Lawson. It’s even been on TV and Big Julian will be announcing it again tonight after Frank does the weather.

“Facebook will start charging you this summer! If you copy this to your wall your icon will turn blue and your Facebook will be free for you, because a blue icon for some reason earns Facebook millions of $.

“Please share this message, if not your icon will be deleted and you will have to pay!

PS- this is serious, the icon will turn blue.

PPS- Public Prosecution Service.

PPPS- If you don’t share, all your toes will fall off and Santa won’t come, and you will still, for some arbitrary reason, have to pay for Facebook.”

The PSNI post continued: “Afternoon folks. Doesn’t that look ridiculous? That is because it is, of course, a massive load of tripe. Facebook has been awash today, again, with people falling for a similar message.

“This isn’t exactly a ‘scam’, in that you won’t be losing any money, but your friends will probably get annoyed that you have copied and pasted it!

“So let’s use it as a gentle learning tool while we aren’t actually being scammed... DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ONLINE!

“If it seems a bit odd, or just too good to be true, don’t bite! Check it out first. A quick Google search of “Is _____ a scam?” will usually answer.

“If not, ask a friend who is Internet minded. If that still doesn’t work, we should be able to help you. Better safe than sorry!

“Stay safe out there!”