The remains of the extractor fan and the insulation from the roof space. INLM3411-148gc
The remains of the extractor fan and the insulation from the roof space. INLM3411-148gc

A LURGAN family are lucky to be alive after their house caught fire while they slept.

Imelda Green and her three sons were sound asleep in their home at The Grange when the extractor mechanism of their upstairs shower caught fire at around 2am on Sunday morning.

The fire spread through the attic and Imelda has her son Darren’s alertness to thank for the family getting out alive.

Imelda (69) told the ‘MAIL’: “Darren sleeps in the upstairs room under the water tank. He heard an unusual noise coming from above him and climbed up into the attic to see what it was.

“He saw the fire and tried to put it out. His whole face was black and he burnt his hands.”

41-year-old Darren was treated for smoke inhalation, shock and burns to his hand following the blaze. Imelda was treated for shock.

Two fire engines and an ambulance attended the scene at The Grange. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus extinguished the fire using a hosereel jet. 

Imelda said: “If it wasn’t for Darren we wouldn’t be here. We’ve him to think for saving our lives.

“The fire brigade were more than good. They said if everybody had been in deep sleep we’d have been dead.”

She added: “It was like Niagara Falls with all the water coming down through the ceiling from the water tank in the attic. The ceilings will have to come down and the whole place smells of smoke.

“It’s lucky we had the roofspace re-insulated because the new stuff they put down didn’t catch fire in the same way the old stuff would have.”

Imelda lives with her three sons Darren, Peter and Christopher. She has two other sons Paul and Stephen.

The family are without water or electricity and have been staying in the Bannville since the fire.

Imelda said: “We don’t know how long we’ll be out of the house. The insurers are round to assess the damage today (Tuesday).”

She added: “It was a frightening experience. I’ve had to go and see the doctor. I’ve been short of breath and just not feeling right since it happened.

“It was a terrible shock for us. We’re very, very lucky to be alive.”