Father fears for kids’ lives after series of road accidents

A FATHER of four has said he fears for the lives of his young children following a series of road accidents close to his home.

Robert Dixon, who lives on the Plantation Road, said it was “only a matter of time” before someone is killed at a notorious bend at the front of his house.

He lives there with his wife Joanne, son Martin (17) and daughters Clare (14), Chloe (9) and Kate (6).

He pointed out that there is almost one crash every month in the area.

“We would like to see the road at least straightened out or have crash barriers installed,” he said.

“I don’t know for sure what the answer is, but certainly something needs to be done before someone is killed.

“My kids play in our front garden, and I fear every day that a car will end up coming off the road and into our garden.”

The latest accident happened last Friday (February 17), when a Mini Cooper crashed into an electric pole outside the Dixon family home.

“Cars have crashed into this pole on a number of occasions, knocking the power out in some of the houses in this area,” continued Mr Dixon.

“One time it was like a fireworks display. There were sparks flying everywhere.

“We have contacted Roads Service on numerous occasions, but they have told us they have no money to do anything about it.

“Does someone need to be killed before something is done? How much is a child’s life worth?

“It would hardly need a huge pile of cash to sort this out.”

Despite Mr Dixon’s fears, a spokesperson for the Roads Service said that a decision on the issue would not be taken for at least another few months.

“Roads Service has agreed to carry out a technical assessment at Plantation Road, Gilford, following a recent request for road improvement works,” the spokesperson said.

“The Service receives many more requests than it has resources to carry out. The assessment process allows it to prioritise such requests to help ensure that the limited funding available is targeted at those roads in greatest need of improvement.

“The assessment results in relation to Plantation Road should be available within the next few months. After this, a decision will be made on what measures, if any, are appropriate.”