Ferguson hands in nomination papers

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TUV Upper Bann Assembly candidate Roy Ferguson called for an end to policing double standards after handing in his nomination papers this week.

He said: “While I handed in my nomination papers this week, the Assembly election campaign has already been in full swing for some time.

“I have enjoyed having the opportunity to speak to many people. It is striking that one of the issues which is coming up a lot in Unionist areas is dissatisfaction with the PSNI. The perception of double standards is particularly strong in Upper Bann following the parade of masked men on the streets of Lurgan. Often this is contrasted with the reaction to a parade by the Junior Orange in Belfast where CS spray was used.

“The PSNI have a serious job of work to do if they are going to repair their relationship with members of the Unionist community.

“Of course this is not the only example of Republicans receiving special treatment. Most notoriously one thinks of the On the Runs scandal. We can recall how there was much tough talk from Unionist leaders at the time only for precious little action to follow.

“The DUP promised to bring down Stormont unless the letters were rescinded and the names and suspected crimes of the recipients of the letters were made public. None of that happened and yet Stormont continued.

“The public need to remember this when the DUP talk tough about their opposition to Sinn Fein/IRA in this election period. It’s time for an end to bluster and for straight talking and honest politics.”

Jim Allister, who accompanied Roy, added: “I would ask the people of Upper Bann to strengthen my hand by voting 1 Ferguson on election day. Only by returning a strong TUV team to Stormont will things change. With a single seat TUV has been able to make a difference. Think of what multiple voices could achieve.”