First Minister praises our Lord Mayor Carla

CRAIGAVON Mayor Carla Lockhart got a special mention at the DUP party conference - singled out for special praise by party leader Peter Robinson.

The First Minister said he was particularly optimistic for the future having attended mayoral installations of young council leaders across the province.

The speech received a rousing response at a conference which had a record number of delegates and members in attendance.

Mr Robinson MLA said: “As someone who has been in the DUP since its formation – over forty years ago – in good times and bad – when I look around, I have never been more optimistic about the future of our party and our Province.

“This year I have attended many mayoral installations. They included three of our youngest council leaders, the Mayor of North Down, Wesley Irvine, the Mayor of Craigavon, Carla Lockhart and of course the Lord Mayor of Belfast, Gavin Robinson. Young people who are a credit to this party and they and their generation can ensure its success, not just for years, but for decades to come.”

Carla told the Mail: “It was an honour and a privilege to get a mention in the First Ministers speech. I was both shocked and delighted at this great commendation and I have to say that it demonstrates the DUPs commitment to the youth of the party.

“As Mayor I want to work hard for the people of Craigavon, I want to demonstrate that as a political leader even though I am young I am hard working, dedicated and committed to ensuring that Craigavon is recognised for its economic, tourism, leisure, and superb infrastructure in which to do business.”