Flower thieves labelled ‘scum’ by tearful lady

A Lurgan woman fears flowers are being taken off her family’s grave in St Colman’s Cemetery for display in someone’s home.

The lady, who didn’t wish to be named, described as ‘scum’ whoever has been removing the artificial display of flowers from the grave of her parents.

She discovered flowers had been taken when visiting her mother’s grave on the anniversary of her death.

The Lurgan woman was close to tears as she told the ‘MAIL’ of her anguish at the thefts from the plot at St Colman’s.

She said: “This has happened on five or six occasions and as far as I’m aware it’s only this grave that they’re taking flowers from.

“I do all the arrangements myself.

“I think they’re taking them because they’re arrangements that would be suitable for someone’s home.

“All the rest of the flowers here are obviously for a grave.

“I put the flowers in the pot, tie them underneath then put insulating tape on the lid to secure them.

“They’re having to peel off the tape. Then when they discover the flowers are tied together they remove the top of the pot along with the flowers.”

She added: “It’s not for the sake of the flowers or the money. It’s just the thought that someone is stepping onto the grave and taking them.

“It’s so disrespectful.

“I don’t know how they sleep in their beds. They’re scum.”