Flyposting an ‘eyesore’

FLYPOSTING in the Borough is making areas “unsightly”, Craigavon councillors have said.

The DUP’s Alderman Stephen Moutray described the amount of posters on public property as “endemic”.

Speaking at Monday’s mid-monthly Council meeting, he said: “I’m concerned at the amount of flyposting going on for different events in the Borough.

“There is a lot of it around the area, and not all of them relate to events in Craigavon.”

He said he would like to see an environmental health report into the matter.

He continued: “People commit an offence when they fly post, and they turn areas into eyesores.

“It is endemic across the Borough. We are all working to make the Borough a better place.

“This posting onto public property is unsightly and has gone on for too long.”

Sinn Fein’s Johnny McGibbon, who chairs the Council’s environmental services committee pointed out that he has raised the issue.

He said: “I want to assure Councillor Moutray that I have raised this on a number of occasions.

“I agree that there does need to be a report sent to Council on this matter.

“Some of the events are private initiatives and some are community-run.”

Cllr McGibbon said there should be designated areas in the Borough where events could be advertised.

He added: “This has been raised with the director and we will be pushing for a report to come back.”