Footbridge a ‘death trap’ say local residents

Concerns have been raised about the state of a footbridge in the Clonmeen area.

According to residents, the bridge is covered in potholes, creating a trip hazard for anyone using it.

One resident pointed out: “The bridge from Clonmeen to Legahory has not been resurfaced in years and has been reported many times over the years. The most they ever do is come and fill in patches and these patches are raised and just as dangerous as the pot holes

“My mother who is in her 80’s sprained her ankle and hurt her back trying to avoid falling.

“This is not acceptable as there are many elderly people need to use this bridge to get to the post office, doctors, shops etc.

“I am just thankful my mum is not in hospital with a broken hip. Or is that what must happen before they will resurface?”

Another said: “That bridge is a nightmare not just for elderly people but for all pedestrians, it is the main access from Clonmeen and other areas to the essential amenities, doctors etc, when it is frosty and icy people are afraid to cross it,

“The people responsible for maintenance need to get their act together, we are all ratepayers and have always taken an interest in our community so it is their duty to do something before there are fatalities.”

A Transport NI spokesperson said: “TransportNI carries out regular inspections on the bridge between Clonmeen and Legahory, the most recent being Monday, March 9.

“While the carriageway surface shows signs of previous repairs it does currently meet acceptable standards. However, it will be consider for future improvements when funding and resources permit.”