Four beds set to go at hospital

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Craigavon Area Hospital looks set to lose four beds for dermatology in-patients in the near future, the ‘MAIL’ understands.

Proposals to cut the four beds from the specialist unit for people with skin complaints are likely to be signed off at the next meeting of the Health and Social Care Trust.

The trust claim advances in technology mean people can be treated for the majority of skin conditions without requiring an overnight stay in the hospital.

A spokesperson for the Health and Social Care Trust commented: “Proposals for the future provision of dermatology services in the Southern Trust are due to go to the next Trust Board meeting in August.

“The dermatology service is based in a dedicated unit within Craigavon Area Hospital, providing out-patient, day case and in-patient services for planned admissions for a small number of patients who need specialist treatment.

“As with other medical treatments, advances within dermatology mean that more and more patients can be treated on a day case or out-patient basis, without the need for an overnight stay.

“Any changes proposed for the dermatology service will reflect the many advances in care and how Dermatology services have been developed elsewhere in the UK.

“Patients and staff will be kept fully informed of any developments regarding dermatology services across the trust.”

Meanwhile, according to latest statistics, fewer patients are waiting longer for treatment at Craigavon Area Hospital.

Since a massive peak in April when 56 people were left waiting for more than 12 hours at in the emergency department at Craigavon, the June figures showed just one person having to wait.