Four-wheeled visitor to school assembly hall!

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FRIDAY’S school assembly in Lurgan College was given the ‘green light’ by the principal despite there being a car in the assembly hall.

A group of sixth form students appeared to defy the laws of physics when they sneaked a Mini into the assembly hall in advance of the morning assembly. It’s tradition for sixth formers to carry out pranks as their school days draw to a close and this particular stunt was taken in the nature it was intended by College principal Trevor Robinson.

Mr Robinson said: “I must admit I was quite surprised to see a Mini sitting in the middle of the assembly hall but was impressed with the level of care which they pupils demonstrated to ensure that no damage was done to the building.

“They must have done their measurements to make sure it would fit. It’s a classic Mini so it’s very small and they were able to lift it in through the double doors.”

He added: “I took it in the humour it was intended. It was good natured banter.

“When assembly started I said could the owner of car registration number KIB please move their vehicle because it’s causing an obstruction.”

He commented: “It’s certainly the first time I’ve ever conducted a whole school assembly with a car parked in the middle of the pupils. I felt the need, however, to slap a parking ticket on the car as it had clearly been parked in an inappropriate location. Before the car could be removed, the unfortunate owner of the car was obliged to pay a fine of £20 to the charity of his choice.”

“You’re always going to have end of term pranks with pupils letting off a bit of steam. When there’s no harm done I don’t see any need to cause a fuss.”

“This Year 14 has been a remarkable year group and they will be sorely missed next year. We all wish them well in the forthcoming examinations.”