Free Wi-Fi for town centres welcomed by McCausland

LURGAN town centre will soon have free Wi-Fi.

Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland has announced a £63,000 investment in the installation of free Wi-Fi in the three town centres within the Craigavon Borough.

Lurgan, Portadown and Craigavon will all benefit significantly from this initiative which will allow controlled, free Internet access for shoppers, traders and visitors to the areas and will coincide with other regeneration projects already underway in the town centres.

Announcing the new funding, Minister McCausland said: “Provision of greater access to digital technology is at the core of the future development of all our towns and cities and I am pleased to announce the addition of Craigavon area to the free Wi-Fi revolution. In the current economic downturn the introduction of services such as free Wi-Fi to town centres can offer improved retail opportunities for both shop owners and consumers alike and help give a much needed boost to the sector.

“I welcome the commitment from Craigavon Borough Council to work in close partnership with my Department to deliver this project. My Department continues to provide significant levels of investment in the Craigavon Borough through Public Realm and Revitalisation improvements and this new £63,000 initiative in the area.”

The Minister added: “I am also very impressed by Craigavon area’s new retail application, ‘Locali app’ which anyone can access on their smart phones or digital devices and wish the Borough every success with this launch. This will also be enhanced by the provision of free Wi-Fi and open a new digital opportunity to the local area, developing more enterprising, competitive and digitally inclusive centres. All of which will provide a vital step in protecting the future prosperity and viability of the towns.”

Mayor of Craigavon, Councillor Carla Lockhart said: “Securing free Wi-Fi for Lurgan, Portadown and Central Craigavon is tremendous news for the Borough. Council Officers have been very proactive in being able to secure this £63,000 of funding from the Department for Social Development. It’s really going to help our residents to access information on the go and particularly our businesses which could make a difference for them in attracting new business. You can now access free Wi-Fi on the buses and trains but soon can access it in the town centres. Another good news story for Craigavon.”