Fun Day for Transition Project young people

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A fun day has taken place for young people and their families who have participated in the Southern Trust’s Transition Project.

The Transition Project, delivered through Enable NI provides activity days and residential trips for young people with a disability, aged 8-17 years, who are making the move from school into adult services.

The fun day allowed families to get together and find out more about the activities that their children and young people have been involved in over the past year and share their views and feedback on the project.

Lesley Waugh, Locality Head of Specialist Child Health and Disability Services for the Southern Health and Social Care Trust which funds the Project said:

“The move from childhood to adult life can be quite difficult for young people with a disability.

“Big changes, such as leaving school, getting a job and forming new relationships all need careful thought.

“The Transition Project aims to help young people with a disability to build their confidence, become more independent, experience new things to help them get the most out of life.

“The young people have full ownership over the programme – making all the key decisions and planning each trip - and it allows them to spend time with their peers on a regular basis, taking part in fun-filled activities.”

Sharon Donnelly project co-ordinator added:

“Today is all about celebrating the Transition Project. To thank the staff for all the research they put into finding different and exciting places to go, the volunteers for giving up their time and enhancing the experiences for all involved.

“It has been a chance for families to chat and relax, with good food and music and finally for us to get some feedback and direction on how to further improve the service for all involved.”