Fundraiser says thanks

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BENTLEY, everyone’s favourite Red Setter, was back in the Lurgan branch of Jollyes before Christmas to front up their annual fund raising week for Bright Eyes Animal Sanctuary.

“Everyone loves Bentley,” said his owner, Alison Lennon, who is one of the charity’s main fundraisers. “He’s a real people magnet and he’s great with adults and children alike. It really gives us the chance to get across to people the kind of work that we do.”

Of course the main purpose of the week was to raise much-needed cash to help fund that work in the coming year and Alison was delighted with the result. “We made a grand total of £725,” she said. “And we would like to thank the staff and customers of Jollyes in Lurgan for all their kind donations.”

“We also really appreciate the food placed in the ‘bin’ in Jollyes throughout the year. These items go to Millvale, Bright Eyes and Mid-Antrim Animal sanctuaries.”

She added that the bin in question is still in place and that all contributions of food, towels, blankets or toys will be gratefully received and put to good use.

Alison was also eager to thank all from the general public who contributed during last year’s flag days in Banbridge. £211 was raised on 13th Feb, £202 on 4th Sept and £213 on 2nd Oct.