Fundraising for Blake’s Wheels gaining momentum

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The family of five-year-old Blake McCaughey are hoping a concerted fundraising effort can get him the new wheelchair that he requires.

A series of fundraisers have taken place recently with more events plans to meet the £5,000 total needed to help the young boy from Brae Lodge in Portadown who has a serious, undiagnosed condition.

Blake and his sister Pixie with mum Christine and dad Andrew.

Blake and his sister Pixie with mum Christine and dad Andrew.

Five-year-old Blake, who attends Ceara School in Lurgan, needs a custom-made wheelchair to increase his motability and give him more independence.

Blake, who has a younger sister Pixie (two and a half), has to be fed exclusively through a tube. He has an undiagnosed neurological muscular disorder which means he cannot swallow food or drink safely into his stomach without aspirating into his lungs and causing pneumonia.

He is seen by doctors, community nurses and therapists on a weekly basis, but mum Christine said she couldn’t wish for a happier boy.

She said: “Blake is the bubbliest child you’ll ever meet. Nothing gets him down.”

Brae Lodge couple Christine (34) and her husband Andrew (36) helped organised an event in Lurgan town centre recently which took the form of a ‘Jail and Bail’ fundraiser.

Several of Blake’s family and friends were ‘jailed’ for crimes such as being ‘Too Good Looking’.

In order to get these ‘criminals’ out of jail, money had to be raised to make bail.

A total of £1,010.94 was raised at the event.

Blake’s mum Christine explained that Blake needs a total of £5,000 to buy the new wheelchair which would be much lighter and manoeuvrable than his current wheelchair.

Other events organised to raise money for Blake’s Wheels included a quiz in Sally McNally’s bar.

Friends and family also took part in a sponsored walk around Craigavon Lakes followed by a fun day at Tannaghmore Gardens which took place on Sunday.

A special event is understood to be planned for Friday night involving Portadown Defenders.

This Sunday, there will be a fundraising car wash from 10am to 4pm at Armagh Road to raise money for the Blake’s Wheels appeal.

Portadown Football Club have teamed up with Blake and his family to try and provide some much appreciated help.

They also provided the youngster with his own team kit and a season ticket.

A spokesperson from the club said: “The PFC Community Outreach Group are delighted to be involved in such a worthy cause.”