Fury at unfinished development

The area at Hillcrest were the top coat of the road ends. INLM0912-111gc
The area at Hillcrest were the top coat of the road ends. INLM0912-111gc

A LURGAN woman has contacted the ‘MAIL’ to express her fury at developers who she claims have denied her “basic requirements” for five years.

Natalie Fan thought there was light at the end of the tunnel recently when work began to complete the roads and footpaths at Hillcrest, but it stopped just a matter of feet short of her front door.

The company responsible for the development are SFH from Cookstown. Natalie said they have been making her empty promises for five years.

She said: “I have contacted SFH numerous times regarding the raised manholes, the steep drop from our driveway and hazardous footpaths.”

She said: “I was very pleased to see that work had finally begun in Hillcrest to complete the roads and paths.

“However it seems they have decided to stop again, ironically a few feet before it reached my house.

“I would have expected at the very least, while there are so many contractors currently on site and while they managed to do the whole road and footpaths almost up to my house, that they could have at least put some tarmac under the steep step up to my driveway.”

The ‘MAIL’ understands that a Road Service contractor completed Phase One of Hillcrest just recently, but Natalie’s house is located within Stage Two of the development for which SFH are responsible.

She added: “I’ve been told by SFH to wait for a further six months. It’s unbelievable as we have been there almost five years and this time last year we were promised it would be completed by summer 2011.

“I have no faith whatsoever that the work will be completed in six months.

“I fail to understand why they can’t complete the work they started all those years ago first before taking on new houses.

“The area is a disgrace and they have shown no consideration at all for the people that purchased houses from them and what they have had to put up with... merely trying to get into one’s property.

“It is beyond a joke how long we have waited for these basic requirements.

“I purchased my home thinking that the roads would be completed within a year of moving in.”

Director of SFH Construction, Pat Brannigan, said: “SFH Construction is responsible for the road starting at Phase Two of the development.

“We are currently constructing Phase Three and hope to be in a position to complete the road surfacing to Phase Two and Three within the next four to six weeks.”