Fury over council’s bin collection policy

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A LURGAN man has told how he’s been left with a garden littered with bones, nappies and other household waste after the council refused to empty his bin.

The Banbridge Road man was left a note by binmen to say his bin wouldn’t be emptied as it was overfilled to the point the lid would not close and therefore causing a pollution risk.

He said: “My bin was approximately four inches open. It was not emptied on the grounds of it being a pollution risk. My first thought was having a filled bin at my house for another two weeks is sure to be even more of a pollution risk.

“My fears for pollution and health and safety came to light when after last night removing the one bin bag that prevented the lid from closing, it has now been torn apart in the night by a bird/cat and I saw two crows and a magpie at it this morning, scavenging through waste food. Our back garden is littered with bones, nappies and other household waste.”

He added: “I accept that the bin lid was not fully closed, but I do not accept it was the only one in the street, however, it was the only one not emptied.

“I can’t live in a household with an unemptied bin for a further two weeks and suggest that this situation be rectified immediately.

“We have young children who will now play around this bin. If indeed any harm comes to my children as a result of this, I will hold Craigavon Borough Council responsible.”

The Lurgan man commented: “The only person to respond to my initial complaint, other than the acknowledgement, was Councillor Lockhart, who almost immediately got back to me to say she would speak to the Collection Supervisor, which I am grateful for, as I feel without her assistance and intervention I would not have been able to get any further.”

Speaking on the matter Councillor Carla Lockhart said: “I have raised this specific and indeed the whole issue of the one bin policy with the Director of Environmental Services and am aware that a meeting is taking place on Tuesday to discuss the roll out and the issues surrounding it.

“It has caused a lot of trouble amongst residents of this borough and I personally believe that the roll out should have been carried out with residents getting a warning letter in the first instance particularly with bins with open lids and broken wheels etc.

“To leave bins unemptied for a further two weeks is not a good message from Council and it is something that needs looked at urgently.

“Whilst I am aware that many other Council’s operate this policy I believe it has to be looked at again and further work and information provided to householders. The ratepayers of this Borough deserve a good refuse service and it is up to Craigavon Borough Council to deliver on this matter.”

A council spokesperson said: “Craigavon Borough Council’s policy states that bins that are overloaded or damaged will not be lifted for Health and Safety reasons. If a bin is not lifted, an information sticker is left on the bin to explain why. Three bins on this particular street were not collected for this reason on that day.

“Council would urge householders to ensure that the lid of their bin is closed correctly and that damaged bins are replaced to ensure that bins will be collected.

“Anyone with excess rubbish can bring their waste to the civic amenity sites for disposal.”