Fussy hens

Hens are fussy about their living conditions, according to a court case heard in Lurgan in June 1975.

A man was fined £10 for causing distress to nine hens.

Giving evidence a police sergeant went to a farm and saw nine hens in a very poor condition in a small pen.

There was no food for them and the water was very dirty. The earthen floor was very mucky and muddy.

He returned at a later date and found conditions were the same.

The owner said he came to the place about once a week.

An USPCA inspector found the pens in a filthy condition and the hens themselves were dirty.

The RM asked him if hens were fussy about their condition.

The inspector replied that it could bring on diseases and cause distress.

“In my opinion they were suffering due to lack of food and water,” he added.