Gargoyle off on world tour

Wee Willy the gargoyle at Killkeel harbour.
Wee Willy the gargoyle at Killkeel harbour.

A treasured garden ornament has gone walkabout from a Lurgan household and is taunting his family with postcards from around the world.

Wee Willy the gargoyle went missing at the beginning of July from the garden of Nigel and Andrea McCrory where he’d stood for the last 10 years.

He was in Kilkeel on Sunday and planned to travel to Portrush during the week where he was hoping to visit Carrick-a-rede rope bridge and some of the north coast’s finest beaches.

As well as visiting some of Northern Ireland’s landmarks Wee Willy has also sent postcards from Tunisia, Turkey and Florida.

In an exclusive interview, Wee Willy told the ‘MAIL’: “I upped and left because I sat for years in pride of place at the front door. Then ‘cause I’m a bit tatty looking I was moved to the side of house and a younger gargoyle took my place.

“I could no longer watch Heather, one of the neighbours, walk the dog or Joanne, another neighbour, paddle in the pool. The only view I had was of dad leaving and returning from work (not pretty) and auntie near reversing into me every time.

“One time she actually hit me and chipped my ear.”

Asked what it would take to coax him back home, he said: “Mum and dad would have get me new professional paint job (not dad’s quick lick). Plus I want to be back to front door and get a paddle in the pool with Joanne. If this was agreed and I may be home for Halloween for the annual party.”

Wee Willy began posting photos of his escapades on his Facebook page last week. They include snaps from his trips to Kilkeel, Spelga Dam and Loughall Golf Course.

Other pictures have been posted to Wee Willy’s page including Wee Willy at the Hungarian Grand Prix, with the British Open Championship winner Phil Mickelson and with Royal couple William and Kate. There’s no doubt it’s Wee Willy in the photos however there’s a strong suspicion photoshop has been used to put him there.

So far on his travels Wee Willy has been to Spelga Dam, Kilkeel, The British Open Championship at Muirfield, Florida, Tunisia, New York, Spain and Turkey. He said he has several more trips planned in coming weeks.

He commented: “By the time mum and dad come back from their holiday they should have postcards from Florida, New York, Tunisia and Spain.”

When asked if he needed a passport for his travels Wee Willy said: “No, Gargoyles don’t need passport as I just jump in the case. When I reach the destination I just unzip and off I go. That way no one knows where I am until postcards arrive.”

After returning from a holiday of his own Wee Willie’s ‘dad’ Nigel said: “Wee Willy has been up to no good. I thought he was kidnapped at first but it seems he needed a wee break from keeping lookout at the side of my house. I think I will have to bolt his wee claws down to the ground if he ever comes home.”