Getting healthy at Mount Zion House

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The VERVE range of health programmes will run at Mount Zion House throughout 2015.

The new Weigh to Health Programme runs each Tuesday at 10.30am, led by Faye Chisnall, Mount Zion House’s dedicated Health Trainer. Weigh to Health is a free programme which concentrates on healthy shopping and cooking.

The course proved very beneficial to one former participant who, since commencing the VERVE Health improvement programme, lost a total of 20 pounds in weight.

This Weigh to Health programme complements Mount Zion House Weekly Walking Group which meets at the gates of Lurgan Park every Tuesday at 10.30am before heading back to Mount Zion House for free coffee and scones. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Mount Zion House is one of Lurgan’s most enduring charities and a key community centred facility which offers a range of services and activities that are available to the general public. These include the LIAISE Advice Service which provides free advice, information and support to those in need of benefit advice. The service can be accessed either by calling into the centre or telephoning the advice helpline on 028 3832 5764.