Gilford hit by floods

GILFORD experienced major flooding over the weekend as a result of the wintry weather conditions.

Water from the River Bann spilled into the small town and shopkeepers tried in vain to keep the water at bay from the their premises.

Gilford Community Centre’s car park was evacuated as the water level continued to rise on Saturday afternoon. A spokesman for Banbridge District Council commented: “Unfortunately due to the recent extreme weather conditions the car park at Gilford Community Centre was affected by flooding over the weekend, however, this did not impact on the operation of the Community Centre itself and the car park is once again open.

“The building is designed to withstand flooding and the car park has been designed to act as a flood zone to protected the surrounding areas . There is a flood warning system installed at the centre which was activated on Friday lunchtime so the car park was immediately evacuated with no damage to any vehicle.”

During this recent wintery spell the Southern Responders Group are reminding the public to support vulnerable and elderly neighbours, family and friends

Harsh weather conditions have seen many homes isolated and some residents cut off from their normal support network.

South Responders Group spokesperson, Superintendent Jason Murphy, explained: “The recent stormy weather has seen some residents in rural locations isolated due to flooding and snow falls. Local emergency services and utility companies are working around the clock to reach those worst affected.

“We are asking for the help of local communities to reach the more vulnerable and ensure they are safe. Please take the time to call with your neighbours and speak with them. If you have concerns about any resident in your neighbourhood please contact the relevant agency for advice, guidance and support.”