Girl’s terror as pet dog Buster is hurt in attack

Eddie O'Connor show the scars on Buster. INLM3612-129gc
Eddie O'Connor show the scars on Buster. INLM3612-129gc

A CRAIGAVON man has revealed how the family’s beloved pet was mauled during a terrifying attack by another dog in front of his daughter.

Eddie O’Connor described how the two-year-old miniature Jack Russell, Buster, was badly injured during an incident on Sunday at Rossmoyle.

Mr O’Connor’s 14-year-old daughter was walking Buster around 4.15pm when it was set upon by a greyhound.

After several minutes two local men managed to free Buster from the mouth of the greyhound after a considerable struggle, but one of them was bitten in the incident.

Mr O’Connor said: “My child is 14 and she was out walking the dog with her friend and another dog. Our dog was on its lead and in a harness but still the other dog managed to attack it. There was nothing the owners of the greyhound could do, they couldn’t seem to control it. There are holes in its back and on Buster’s chest. Two lads who were in a nearby garden came out and one of them was bitten as they managed to free Buster.

“Once they got it free Buster ran the whole way home with blood pumping out of it. Buster has had seven or eight stitches but he is going to be alright. However, I’m left with a £200 vet bill.”

Mr O’Connor urged fellow dog owners to always have their animals on a lead when out walking in public areas.

“Buster had been badly treated before we took him on and this will knock him back goodness knows how far,” he added.

“The police came out to see us but they say there is nothing they can do. Buster is getting on ok now that he is home. He is nervous and tense, and reluctant to leave the house, but we have to make sure he is OK.

“My message would be that if you are not sure about the temperament of your dog you should always keep it on a lead. We don’t want this happening to someone else’s pet.”