Girls taken to hospital after taking legal highs


Two teenage girls were taken to hospital by ambulance this morning after they became ill as a result of taking ‘legal highs’.

Paramedics and police responded to the call in Lurgan at 10.45am.

Officers in Craigavon said the girls, both aged 17, were believed to have smoked a substance called Salvia.

Insp Colin Patterson warned of the dangers of psychoactive substances. He said that the term ‘legal high’ was a “misnomer”, an inaccurate description.

Two men were also treated by paramedics at the scene in Lurgan, but they did not need hospital treatment.

Insp Patterson said, “Police are aware of the use of ‘so called legal highs’ throughout Northern Ireland. We would however, contend that the phrase ‘legal high’ is a misnomer.

“The substances are presented as being legal, but they may contain substances that are harmful to human health.”

He said there were “risks involved in taking mind altering substances - whether or not they are legal”.

“You can never be sure of exactly what a substance is, what is in it, what possible side-effects it could have or what long term damage it could cause,” the inspector added.