Given bail to take son to training

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Two men were helping to orchestrate the violence which happened on Easter Monday in the Kilwilkie area of Lurgan, it was alleged last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

But solicitors for both men indicated that they would be denying the allegation. In court were Pearse Magee (44), Richmount Gardens, Lurgan, and Paul Martin McKerr (47), Belvedere Manor, Lurgan.

Both face charges of threatening violence to a police officer and making an affray on March 28 this year and obstructing a constable. McKerr is also charged with assaulting a police officer.

At last week’s court both were asking for a variation to their bail so that they could enter the Kilwilkie area.

A police officer said that on March 28 a large crowd of approximately 100 gathered at Levin Road and some were throwing bottles at police.

She added that police also believed that both defendants were part of those who were orchestrating what was happening.

Mr Peter Corrigan, representing McKerr, said his client was born and bred in Kilwilkie and wanted to visit family and attend the local GAA club where his son plays football. He added that McKerr would be ‘vehemently denying’ the charges and claimed that having viewed video footage there was no evidence of his client orchestrating the riots.

Mr Pat Vernon, representing Magee, said his client wanted to visit family members in Campbell Walk and Lavery Avenue, He added that the allegation of orchestrating the violence would be ‘totally denied’ by Magee.

Deputy District Judge Gerry Trainor set court bail of £500 for each of the defendants. Conditions of bail for Magee are that he is to live at Richmount Gardens and no other address and he is not to enter Kilwilkie except Campbell Walk from 8am to 4pm from Monday to Friday and Lavery Avenue to take a child to school.

McKerr must live at Belvedere Manor and he is not to enter the Kilwilkie estate only to an address at Levin Road from 8am to 4pm from Monday to Friday and to take his son to Clann Eireann if he is playing a match or training.