Good news on dog fouling bins for villages

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Move to replace and repair dog fouling bins in Waringstown and Donaghcloney have been welcomed by a local councillor.

The bins had fallen into a sorry state of repair in both villages, making it difficult in some cases for owners to deposit waste.

Moves to improve the bins were welcomed by Councillor Mark Baxter.

He told the ‘MAIL’: “I have being contacted by residents in both Donaghcloney and Waringstown about the state of the dog litter bins in the villages. I lobbied the relevant department to have them replaced or fixed,

“I’m pleased to report a review has taken place and work will commence shortly I trust this encourages dog owners to act responsibility and helps to combat the age old problem of fouling in our borough.“

A Waringstown resident welcomed the moves to fix the bins and said she also hoped it would do more to encourage all dog owners to make use of them.

She said: “I always pick up after my dogs and truth be told so do the vast majority of dog owners, however, there are a few irresponsible owners who give us all a bad name.

“That said there is nothing more frustrating than getting to a bin that is either full to overflowing or that is in such a poor state of repair you wonder is it is use at all.”

She went on: “We pay our rates and a licence fee to keep a dog so it’s only fair the council maintains the bins in proper order.”

She did, however, have some harsh words for what she termed ‘the self appointed litter wardens’.

“I’m getting tired - dog tired - of these people who have appointed themselves as litter wardens who light on you like a clegg if you’re not quick enough with a poop scoop bag.

“I had one instance where I was walking my two dogs and a woman lit on me as I was preparing to pick up after them, bear in mind I was trying to control two dogs while opening the end of a plastic bag (a difficult enough feat in and off itself). Next thing I had this person accusing me of all sorts and threatening to call the police because I had not picked up after my dog.”

To report instances of dog fouling call 03831 2400. You will be required to provide the date, time and location, type and colour of dog and name and address of the dog owner.