Graffiti scheme success

VITAL funding of £30,000 has enabled Craigavon Community Safety Partnership to remove a staggering 1,900 square metres of unsightly and distasteful graffiti across Craigavon since July 2010.

The funding, which was secured from Peace III’s Small Grant Programme, has cleaned up graffiti hot spots throughout Lurgan, Brownlow and Portadown helping to make the area a more attractive place to both live and visit.

It has also brought reassurance to local communities, alleviating fears and showing support for people of all backgrounds living within the community.

Reports of graffiti come from a wide range of sources including local residents, community groups, residents associations and councillors to name but a few.

Craigavon Community Safety Partnership has seen a significant reduction in the number of reports of graffiti following the successful launch of the scheme and in particular since this latest round of funding.

Chair of the CCSP and DPP, Councillor Michael McGoldrick, said: “Graffiti not only damages property, it can impact on how people feel about their local area. Craigavon Community Safety Partnership is committed to working with local communities to tackle and remove visually obtrusive graffiti to help residents feel safe and have pride in their local area.”

He added: “We must tackle the perpetrators of this type of anti-social behaviour and I urge all members of the community to report criminals carrying out graffiti to the PSNI.”

Craigavon Community Safety Partnership is currently investigating further funding options for 2011/2012 to ensure this valuable work is ongoing and continues to provide safer, more attractive areas for the community.

For further information, contact Rebecca Hyland on 3831 2491 or email